The struggle is real.


The struggle is real.

Hmmmm… what to pick what to pick…

Popped open a Dragon’s Maze fat pack and a couple extra packs.

Overall pretty happy with what I pulled for my first taste of Dragon’s Maze =).

Myself Vs. ABCTopdecking

Game 3

Myself Vs. ABCTopdecking

Game 2

Myself Vs. ABCTopdecking

Game 1

Finally finished editing the match!

All 3 games are done, commencing upload… now!

Myself with my Boros standard deck.

ABCTopdecking with his Esper standard deck.

It’s been a while but…

I am finally going to be uploading some videos in the near future!

They will be on my magic youtube channel here

Here’s what to come:

  • Alan Clifton’s (ABCTopdecking) Standard Deck Tech
  • My Standard Deck Tech
  • A play testing match between both our decks.

Pretty much done with the deck techs, and am in the process of editing the match.

Thanks everyone!